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A Little Info About Us

We are a pilot nano brewery operating under a limited brewery license.  This means we are a production brewery with a tasting room so be aware that the rear half is our production space and respect it as such.  DO NOT TOUCH any of the equipment and entry to the rear is granted only to use the restroom. 


Some General info to make your visit awesome. 


The Druery started as a joke when Drew made beer in his basement and people called it the Drewery.  When we tried to check it in on untappd "The Drewery" was used by a bunch of homebrewers around the world... so Drew's friends said... "The Druery?" And there was no others with that name.  For years we kept it as that without much thought until we decided to start up the brewery and we were looking for a different name. After almost 10 years we finally googled "Druery" and it actually had a meaning. Druery: An Object of Love or Lust. 

Well shit Drew said and with much eye rolling at knowing people would say "Oh you're Drew - like the Dru of the Druery.  The name stuck.  So welcome to The Druery!  Cue Drew's eyeroll of feeling awkward at a place named somewhat after himself - but liking the fact the name describes the beers we brew.   Cheers. 


Yes you may bring your own food to the brewery.  Please bring napkins and utensils as we don't provide them for you!  There are 5 food spots around us you can order from.  Candelas (Pizza and Italian), China Chef (Chinese), Masa 8 (Japanese), Scotch Bonnet (Jamaican), Udos Bagels (Bagels) and Country side food mart (convenience).   We do have trash cans but you may have to take large boxes out with you (dumpsters in the back). 


Yes, you may bring dogs to the brewery as long as they are well behaved and don't take up seating for guests looking to enjoy our brews.  Know that the brewery does get packed, and it can get loud as well so discretion is advised as we are a smaller space.  Dogs ARE NOT permitted in the production area of the brewery (where the bathroom is) so if you need to use the restroom you need to have a person to look after your animal.   Be aware that we do use hops to make beer and they are poisonous to dogs.   While we do make every attempt to keep the hops out of the tasting room there is always a chance for a stray hop pellet to find it's way into the area.  By bringing them into the brewery you take all responsibility for your pet while in the brewery and their actions (including cleanup of messes).  (P.S. we love dogs - we have 3)


Monday and Tuesday we are closed for brewing. 

Wednesday we're open for TAKE OUT ONLY 5 - 7. 

Thursday fully open 4 - 10. 

Friday 2 to 10. Saturday 12 to 10

Sunday 12 to 8.

Last Call is 15 min before closing and we'll nudge you out 15 minutes after. 

Unless otherwise stated on the homepage - we are OPEN NORMAL HOURS.

Crowlers and Cans

We do sell 32 oz Crowlers both filled at the tap and canned if available - These will be listed on the tap board. 


We will fill CLEAN growlers.  We reserve the right to refuse sale if growler is brought in dirty. 


The Druery reservers the right to refuse sale for a variety of reasons ranging from perceived inebriation to behavior issues in the brewery.  Our beertenders are all TIPS certified to identify signs of inebriation and are responsible for the safe serving of alcohol to guests.  We are a community brewery.  Respect is given when received and we will protect our brew family.  As a privately owned business anyone who is perceived as being sexist, racist, or offensive to others and disturbing the rights of our patrons to enjoy a brew will be asked to leave immediately.  Failure to leave will result in a trespass and banning from the premises.  AKA.  Don't Be A Jerk. 

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