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The Full Story


A long time ago while taking a stroll on a deserted beach Drew met a woman Sheri.  They laughed, drank old fashioneds and decided to ride a horse into the sunset. While riding they reached their hands out, running them through golden grains blowing in the wind.  At one point they decided they were thirsty again so they stopped, took some of those grains, mixed in some water from the ground, hops from the vines and collected yeast that blew in the wind.  With the help of magical dragon they heated that brew, sprinkled in the yeast, and let it rest for 14 days.  When they tried their magical golden liquid they knew they must share it with the world and the idea of the Druery was born... just not before Alita who arrived in their lives to try and yank every drink they've ever held in their hands. Somehow without ever tasting she too knows how delicious it is. This is their story. It is to be continued.



 To share the love of beer and be a community staple for those who love the craft.  Family friendly and environmentally responsible. 

The Druery will serve as a pilot location for a future larger scale brewery.  Here we will test our brews and share stories of love, life, and friendship.

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