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Some History

The Druery was started in Drew's (our CEO and Head Brewer) basement.  With love of beer and dedication to making a great brew he would supply his friends and family with a variety of pints. When social media apps like Untappd came about (a beer check in app) friends started asking how to check in the pours.  This of course was a problem as there wasn't a Homebrew House name yet!  After searching online and finding a lot of "The Drewery" and no "The Druery" it was decided that this would become the starting point.  With some design play between Drew and Jim (our in-house graphic designer) we found the U to also make for some great secondary branding and merchandising for future products.  With a simple name and a beer glass U logo the Druery was formed as a homebrew hub.

Three years later.

Skip forward to a warm night in Philadelphia walking home from a few brew tours and tastings.  An idea was posted, "Drew - why don't you start a brewery, I like your beer more than 90% of what we just tasted."  Being a business owner already Drew knew the effort that needs to go into this idea is substantial so he let it hang there for a few days.   Later after discussing more with his wifey (who just happens to be a logistics manager filling in another piece of the puzzle) they decided to explore it further which brings us forward another full year to the present.

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Why a Brewery?

As a group of avid hop heads - we've been to many breweries and tried quite literally TONS of beer.  One thing we've noticed in some breweries is a not so great adherence to the "Old Ways".   There's a reason why Big Beer is currently trying to buy up a lot of craft breweries - and the answer is simple. 


People want unique.  They want to be the first to try a new brew, a new style, a new mix.  This lust to experience something new is innate in us all, and makes us all feel special.  At the Druery we will have a constantly evolving selection of beers / both experimental and tried and true. We will cater to the idea of community along with a strong social media presence so we can be sure keep on the ever growing trend of "Exciting and New".  We want to give the next level of customer satisfaction while keeping the excitment alive in an industry 4,000 years old. 


Where will you build?

Simply Put: Philadelphia
Where in Philly? We're aiming for the up and Coming area of Harrowgate, It's is a residential and commercial area that is currently being developed just a couple miles away from Center city Philadelphia and just off Tioga Station for easy travel to and from the city. For a profitable brewery research shows you need around 150,000 people within a 15 mile radius of the brewery and in Philadelphia (Fishtown/Northern Liberty):

  • Location to be across the street from 150+ new high end lofts establishing our business as the premier spot for food and brew.

  • Economics 19123 - Highest income with 102k average      

  •  Area Codes 19106 10107 19122 19123 19125 19130    

  •  Philadelphia: 1.5 Million 65k average Income Average 1% of total income spent on alcoholic Drinks , 5% spent on dining out            

  • Within 2 Miles 100k Residents between ages of 21 and 55      

Specified Interest: (Per Facebook marketing) “Brewery, beer, pizza” reveals 50k targetable potential Clients   

This research reveals more than 4x the amount of clientele needed to establish a profitable business. Brewery will be located in/next to one of the most densely affluent areas.

With the new construction and revitilization of the area - there are several grants for land and property improvements which we will also take advantage of.  This will give us the ability to grow using city money and repay investors in a more timely fashion to create a profitable business. 

Isn't there a lot of competition?

There is a lot of competition in the food and drink industry. In Philadelphia (Northern Libs/Fishtown to be exact) several breweries are opening up. However with the Druery opening up about a fifteen minute drive away we will establish ourselves as the first brewery in the Harrowgate area.  We still aim to develop relationships with other breweries establishing a “brewery destination!” With new and modern directions that social media has taken us (i.e. UNTAPPD), having a cluster of breweries together (though not in next door) will play to our advantage. The Druery, with a focus on trending beer and good eats will use these advantages to help the brewery meet or beat the competition.  Brewpubs and microbreweries are growing tremendously in popularity. The Druery will be no exception and will set the bar for excellence in drink, food, and community. 

Product Research

Product Research

Through Beer taste and rates we've averaged a 4.22 out of 5 average for our beers based on blind tasting and reviews. The average for Philadelphia is 3.63.  Quality has always been our top priority to provide the freshest, best tasting beer.  It is for this reason that our initial brewhouse will be at 10bbl (320 gal) able to produce upt to 1500 barrels per year.  Big enough to keep with production but small enough to keep quality a top priority.  

Untappd Rating:

The Druery: 4.22
Bar Hygee 3.75

Roy Pitz 3.54

Urban Village: 3.69

Love City: 3.7

Goose Island: 3.57

Fishtown Brewpub: 3.6

Yards: 3.61

Evil Genius 3.64

By turning this area of Philly into a brewery hotspot we will attract hopheads to seek this location out as a Brewery Vacation spot.  An area you can walk and taste many brews on one day.  By keeping our product in line with consumer wants we can continue to maintain a top rank in the beer world.   With limited releases cans and bottles we will create hype around a product and be able to charge premium prices for premium beer. 

Marketing And Strategy

The Brewery Marketing and Strategy

Tagline: “Great Beer, Great Food, Great Community!  Beers up, Phones down!”

The marketing strategy of The Druery is a combination of ads, promotions, local events, word of mouth, social media, and advertisements.   We will also include the “BrewBooth Photobooth,” a social media enabled photobooth featuring instant sharing from the brewery. The Druery will have specials, happy hour, group events, bar crawls, brewpub tours, and sponsorships to get customers in the door and keep the coming back. Pricing of The Druery products will be based on competition, cost, and demand.


The bar tabs will be by name and seat number.  We will strive to make sure to get every patrons name to give a personal touch to the experience at the brewery.  Along with standard flights we will offer "Specialty" flights for those who like certain styles: IE "The Herd" an expoloration of 4 of our Oatmeal Milk Stouts and the "Holy Flight" an exploration of our Holy Beers (Dry Hopped Hazy Ipas).

Just Beer?

Though we will have a bunch of our own beers - licensing would allow us to have both beer and PA distilled Spirits and Wine as long as we sell 49% or less then our total alcohol sales.  This opens up more possibilities for people who are unable to drink beer and will truly turn us into the new generations go-to location.


Instead of having a bunch of individual tables we plan on long beer fest style seating.  These will be 20' long bench style tables where people can interact and meet new people.  We want to promote a sense of community and have our clients comet together to enjoy company, then beer, then food.   This will also allow for more seating vs a traditional setup.  Food will be bar service unless reservations are made for a waitress / special event. 


A custom photobooth will be built in The Druery.  This booth will offer free imagery to whoever wants to use to but will specifically only share it via text or email (printable images will be available on special days such as bottle releases and anniversaries) . The Brewbooth will include our social media information to increase brand awareness.


Games will be a big part of The Druery Experience.  We aim to have cornhole, ladderball, washers, and a couple others to promote the spirit of community and fun.  We also plan on implementing board / table games along with some vintage video games as well. Essentially welcome to the best backyard beer and bbq in Philly. 


A whole brew of top quality merch will be available from sweatshirts to tanks, glasses to bottle openers.  All the merch will be vetted for quality to make sure our branding will be put on something that will stand the test of time. 

Mug Club and Original Supporters

OG Supporter:

Get your name on the OG Backer Bar Top and get 2 OG Drink Tokens good for 2 beers or a full flight.   Everyone who becomes part of the OG Cru will be honored with having their names forever imortalized on our bar top as a thank you to making our dream become a reality!


To Celebrate the brewery we're offering 100 64oz Original Supporter Growlers.  With it you get 10% off growler fills for THE LIFE of the growler.  With the purchase of the growler you'll also be added to our OG Backer Board as a supporter of the Druery!

We will have a few different levels of clubs and followers to keep a constant stream of patrons in our doors.

Mug Club: 

One year mug club for the brewery.  23 oz mug with $5 fills (almost 50% off regularly priced beer)This Initial offer is limited to 25 people with your name on the beer cubby. 

Mug Clubbers will also be invited to special events, Pre-Release parties, Brew Days, and will be offered one special limited release bottle per quarter. 

The Team

The Team

Drew Noel - CEO/Brew Master:

Drew - 35% Owner IS THE DRUERY!! Our brew master and the heart and soul of our establishment. Drew has been brewing beer in his own home for over 4 years. All his family and friends have been able to enjoy his craft brews for years but now its time for EVERYONE to enjoy his beers

  1. Responsible for maintaining the vision, mission, and philosophy of the company

  2. Oversees the brewery as a whole, maintaining the integrity of the operations along with the marketing and sales.

  3. Handles all phases of the brewing cycle for all beer produced on site

  4. Responsible for the investor relations of the company

Sheri Chu - GM and Head of Operations:

35% Owner: Operations. Will provide overall leadership and direction for all brewery operations to achieve continuously improving results in safety, quality, service, and cost performance. Create and communicate a clear vision for the future to inspire and drive the brewery to achieve and surpass business goals and objectives (Safety, Quality, Service, and Performance)

  1. Handle Customers

  2. Handle employees-both front of the house and back of the house

  3. Cellar Manager - keep track of inventory and calculate food cost, complete product ordering, prepare labor schedules for brewery.

Cheryl Noel - Brew Momma

10% Owner - Our friendly face behind the bar and bar momma.   (Yes she is also Drew's mom) A friendly and bubbly face serving as one of our main bartenders and general bar management team.  She will be the face of a community based experience where expect 

Ngoc Tang - Bar front and events lead

10% Owner - Bar front and events lead.   With an ear to the ground, Ngoc will be our event and festival leads lady.  She'll not only work the bar but also be an integral part of our community involvement and growth.

Chih-Young Chen (Jeff): - In house Accounting

 10% owner – Financial Advisor and Accounts Management.  Jeff is our in house accounting expert for for day to day operations and our professional number checker 

Plan of Action

Plan of Action


We've finished the Planning and Projections, Finalized Brew Recipes, Food Menu and Suppliers. Also completed a ProForma with Profit Loss / Gross and Net Projections.


During the entire process along with years before we will continue to perfect our beers that will be available at The Druery.  This means constant experimentation and exploration along with locking away the "keepers" . Our goal is to keep a seasonal selection of core beers (1/3), and have a constantly evolving and rotating (2/3) selection for our patrons to enjoy.    The recipes will also include exploration of our food menus as well. 


Partners have been established and the business identity formed.  The Druery is it's own entity and alive and well!


Business accounts and Credit established for investment and working capital.


Social media and business identity established.  Website design partially competed and web store open for crowd funding and backing.


Secure additonal Angel Investors to begin brand and physical location developement.


Establish a physical location for the Druery to apply for licensing.


Apply for Brewery and BrewPub Licensing.  This will be accomplished through a law firm who specializes in PA brewery and establishment law. 


Finalize Brewhouse Plans and put the order into production.


Finalize service area and begin construciton.


Finish the construction of The Druery's insides and obtain permits for food service.


Delivery and Test run of Brewhouse to ensure proper working order and function.  Start brewing first batches of beers for The Druery.


Soft Opening for Druery supporters and family.  Week-long test run of proper function and coordination of equipment and staff.


We are OPEN for business.
Hours will be 11am till 10pm with a final call at 12pm.   This means if you're in the bar, you can stay in the bar but we'll avoid the late night rowdy crowd and people already too intoxicated to keep drinking.  We want to promote a sense of community and therefore will have a side door for our VIP patrons to still enjoy until later in the night.  This will increase the personalized feel of The Druery. 

As all business should do, we will run analytics to figure out proper brewing schedules along with beer trends to keep up with demand and limit waste.  Each week for the first year we'll create spreadsheets of the sales to more accurately predict sales trends for the following year.  After the first year we will compile date monthly to make sure trends are staying true and adjust as necessary. 


One of our biggest priorities is debt repayment and rebuilding working capital.  As such we've devised profit dispersion schedule based off of working capital:















BEFORE 350k Reached











AFTER 500k Reached








Once the account reaches $750k the owners will receive 100% of the profits divided amongst shares. This will leave room for maintenance / expansion of the business as needed. 

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